You Acquire, We Integrate

We simplify mergers and acquisitions

You Acquire, We Integrate

We simplify mergers and acquisitions

Our Process

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The AcquireTek Difference

An Integration Assessment customized to a client’s needs to ensure continuous Execution and greater ROI.
Planning Workshops that facilitate and guide, while the client creates, buys in, and reports out to the Executive sponsors on the artifacts and plan.
We collaborate directly with the client’s team to setup an Integration Management Organization (IMO), and we don’t just tell them the “How” we execute with the Client team.
We have been in the client’s integration position ourselves, and we incorporate those lessons into our process.
Per Gartner, the average success rate on the 1st integration pass is 55-60%. The AcquireTek average is 80% on the 1st pass.
“The AcquireTek team came up to speed on our business faster than any other partner.  We could have never gotten this far in the integration this fast without the AcquireTek team.”
    Donna Becraft
    VP IT, Brink’s Americas (Former Dunbar CIO)

Our Story

     AcquireTek is a team of people who came together to share their experience as being part of corporate integration teams.  Out of this sharing came approaches that worked, and those that didn’t.  We decided as a team it would be really cool to develop a program that would be based on integrations done by those that “lived” the integration experience, good or bad.  We didn’t want to be like every other Integration partner, we wanted to start a firm that delivers quality integrations, that are finished in unheard of durations!  That also gave our partners increased synergies, and increased return on investment. 
     We at AcquireTek believe in this Philosophy, and would be glad at any time to share it with new potential Customers.  We also believe while we can tell you about it, the real feedback comes from our current AcquireTek customers.   

What’s New

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