AcquireTek, a metric based approach to a Merger and Acquisition IT Integration

5/15/18 Source: LinkedIn

By: Charlie Dino – President, GM
A merger and/or acquisition is a very exciting moment for any firm. The financial models are reviewed and approved, so next is the beginning of the Integration. In the financial models there are drivers that were assumed to maximize the M&A return. These numbers should include the Information Technology assumptions and synergies. What if we started an IT integration road map based upon a model that prioritized the projects based upon the financial drivers to maximize the return for the M&A target? At AcquireTek we believe that requirements gathering, project planning, and tool methodology are very important. However, we also believe there is a critical step that is not always taken prior to the traditional project steps. That critical step is the IT Integration Assessment. That is where we establish your key business financial drivers for the acquisition. We weight them, list all the integration projects, and score them for a quicker and more optimal synergy turnaround. If you would like to know more about the AcquireTek IT Integration difference, please contact us via our client information page at
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